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The project to digitize Patouch | Fingerwägg courses emerges from a long history of commitment to preventing violence against children and adolescents. Indeed, the training modules developed have proven effective, but their implementation faces significant logistical and financial challenges, limiting their large-scale accessibility. To overcome these obstacles, the team has considered digitizing the courses, thus offering an accessible, repeatable, and cost-effective digital solution.

The societal issue is clearly identified through alarming statistics on the violence experienced by minors in Switzerland. Therefore, the project’s goals are to prevent and reduce violence through a digital tool, adapt the training modules in a playful and interactive manner, and ensure wide dissemination to reach a broad audience.

Virtual Violence Prevention Program


The virtual program, based on a narrative serious game, will allow players to experiment with different approaches to violence, thereby promoting active learning. The topics covered include managing fear, assertiveness, setting boundaries, recognizing different forms of violence, and the right to defend oneself.

The project’s core target is young people aged 14 and over in Switzerland, due to their specific needs and familiarity with digital technologies. Thus, the choice of a serious game is based on its potential to foster the cognitive, emotional, and social development of players, as well as its popularity among young people.

The partnership with a Swiss video game company and the academic support of the University of Geneva reinforce the project’s credibility and effectiveness. In sum, Patouch | Fingerwägg aims to strengthen young people’s skills and raise awareness about violence through an interactive educational tool, thereby contributing to the creation of a safer and more respectful environment for children and adolescents in Switzerland.

The project is underway. We will inform you when key milestones are reached. Stay tuned!