Discover our Serious Game

During the early days of Patouch, over 20 years ago, delivering our training modules in schools was an excellent idea. Today, with the emergence of the digital world, it seems easier and more effective to reach children through this channel. This idea has been brewing for over 6 months.

A playful and educational game

You know Flight Simulator, right? It’s a flight simulator for airplanes. Pilots can train, without risk, to fly properly but also to test failures, various breakdowns, and extreme flying conditions. With numerous experiences over a short period, pilots become much better, and aviation has become safer.

Now, let’s imagine “Patouch Life Simulator,” a free, playful-educational game. We could train, without consequences, to live correctly, but also to test borderline behaviors or even more… and see the consequences. This from the perspective of the perpetrator, victims, witnesses, society, and justice. Of course, the game must be adapted for different age groups as well. Interesting, isn’t it?

By the end of December, we signed a collaboration contract with a Swiss company specialized in video game production. Their task is to develop a preliminary project, analyze our needs, and define a specification. They will have to propose a concept with visuals (if possible, a prototype) and define a budget quickly.

In any case, we believe in it and will infuse all our energy into it. Our team has enlisted the services of gaming specialists, of course, but also a scientist specializing in education. We are also considering having this game evaluated by a university in the French-speaking part of Switzerland but are waiting for the preliminary project to finalize our collaboration.

The project is underway. We will inform you when key milestones are reached. Stay tuned!