Bruno le Labrador

Rhythmically driven by a fast-paced life combining the life of a dog and a psychologist, Bruno passionately loves humans.

He loves: Eating from the office trash cans

He hates: Being alone

Laurence Jaquet

In a cheerful and optimistic manner, Laurence brings sunshine into the hearts of the people who cross her path or seek her assistance.

She loves: Chocolate and laughing, but not at the same time

She hates: Van life, but she loves her husband so she sometimes goes along with it

Lionel Bourgeois

Armed with his smile and cheerful disposition, Lionel enthusiastically leads all his interventions with heart, thereby bringing smiles back to the children.

He loves: Spending time with his nephew and niece

He hates: Pettiness

Véronique Sautebin

Véronique demonstrates gentleness and delicacy with each call. She cares about the donors and puts her heart into her work.

She loves: traveling

She hates: spiders

Amandine Balet

Sunny, empathetic, and cheerful, Amandine uses her sensitivity to serve others. Her listening skills allow her to accomplish her missions brilliantly.

She loves: the mountains

She hates: heatwaves

Luciana Ianigro

Singer, dancer, and cleaning enthusiast, Luciana animates the hearts of donors. Her calls are punctuated by musical interludes.

She loves: spending time with her children

She hates: spiders

Katia Clavien

With a heart on her sleeve and a smile on her lips, Katia delivers high-quality training with delicacy and humor.

She loves: clafoutis

She hates: the horrors of nature

Bernard Jaquet

An adventurer at heart, Bernard dedicates all his heart and passion to our beautiful association. He leads with vigor and good humor.

He loves: all dishes without broccoli or cauliflower

He hates: dishonesty

Ludovic Rey

Fabulous right-hand man always seated to the left of the big boss, Ludovic puts his expertise in social psychology at the service of Patouch.

He loves: Japan

He hates: traffic jams

Fabienne Schnyder

Always accompanied by her faithful companion Tamiami, Fabienne brings a breath of fresh air. She makes her full range of skills available to Patouch.

She loves: mountains and sea – and good company

She hates: unnecessary judgments, injustice

Aurélie Kündig

Passionate about the mountains, Aurélie is determined to climb the peaks of prevention. She excels thanks to her gentleness and motivation.

She loves: laughing and being surrounded by her friends

She hates: conflicts

Laure Seixas-Maniglier

Creative and perfectionist, Laure combines her expertise in motion design with her sincere love for olives. She brings all projects to life and elevates them.

She loves: putting olives in all dishes

She hates: math and shopping

Morgane Bovier

An expert in communication and events, Morgane combines creativity and organization. Every project she touches turns into a success thanks to her impeccable attention to detail.

She loves: Corsica

She hates: bedbugs

Alexandra Binggeli

Attentive and offering sound advice, Alexandra supports and supervises people in need. Like a warrior, no problem can resist her.

She loves: discovering or learning something she doesn’t know yet

She hates: having wrinkled hands from water and having her towel damp

Kathia Dussex

Passionate about hiking and a colorful teacher, Kathia brings her joy and dynamism to her interactions.

She loves: jumping into puddles with her frog boots

She hates: fennel disguised as chocolate with the sole purpose of being eaten

Sophie Cerdeira

Sweet, playful, understanding, Sophie equips herself with all her qualities to pamper the donors.

She loves: chatting, dancing, singing

She hates: frogs

Agnès Niedegger

Thanks to her laughter, bursts of laughter, and empathy, Agnès enlivens her phone conversations. Donors are treated exceptionally well by Agnès.

She loves: dogs

She hates: spiders

Sylvie Marsoni

Sylvie loves interacting with people. Cheerful and smiling, she turns each day into a celebration. She loves the expression “if ever” and doing a job well.

She loves: raclette and reading

She hates: rats and wind

Vanessa Monnot

Vanessa is a superwoman, super mom, super responsible. Her versatility and diligence allow her to reach the heights.

She loves: laughing

She hates: Brussels’ choices

Sandra Bellon

Passionate about numbers and gin, Sandra masters accounting software perfectly. Nothing escapes her.

She loves: Having time to do the things she enjoys

She hates: 80s songs hummed by her colleagues with whom she shares her open space office

Ophelia Babel

Ophélia hooks donors with her famous phrase “Babel like the tower”. Tips and tricks are her thing.

She loves: traveling

She hates: injustice

Grace Bruniaux

Blessed with extraordinary elocution, Grace combines her finesse and elegance when contacting our precious donors.

She loves: old books and mud baths with her dog

She hates: rude people

Allison Brélaz

Rigorous, ambitious, and studious, Allison loves constantly learning new things and being in contact with children.

She loves: the sun

She hates: discrimination

Floriane Moulin

Passionate and determined, Floriane leads her interventions armed with her smile. She prevents violence with heart.

She loves: cherry blossoms in bloom

She hates: biting into a raisin bread when she thought it was a chocolate chip bread

Mélissa Fracheboud

Her interventions are punctuated by her smile and professionalism. Listening and kindness are her guiding principles.

She loves: pistachios and authenticity

She hates: gossip and overly salty dishes

Valérie Praz

Optimistic and meticulous, Valérie radiates with her smile. Writing and human interaction are her main strengths.

She loves: the little pleasures in life

She hates: hypocrisy