Association for the prevention of violence towards children and teenagers

The association

Patouch is committed to fighting all forms of violence involving children and adolescents. Many young people are victims or perpetrators of violence or abuse. Many of them do not have the necessary tools to deal with these threats. This was the observation made by our president and founder, Bernard Jaquet, in the course of his former career as a police inspector.

The association was created in 2000, and officially founded in 2004.

Our mission


In a changing world, our association adapts. After 20 years of teaching in schools, Patouch has added other strings to its prevention bow.

Our various training courses provide practical prevention tools that are useful in the event of a dangerous situation. A study by the University of Lausanne attests to the relevance of our program.

But reflection has broadened our vision, and Patouch is now also :

To educate and inform children (primarily, but also adults) without having to go through the schools. Our free edutainment program enables children to practice reacting correctly to situations of violence, without any consequences, but also to test borderline behavior… and see the effects. From the point of view of the perpetrator, victims, witnesses, society and the justice system. Our team of specialists is putting all its energy into this project, in collaboration with specialists from a leading university in French-speaking Switzerland.

Becoming a parent is extraordinary, but the challenges that society imposes on us make this role increasingly arduous. Preventing violence against children also goes through this channel!

We offer support to parents to help their children, providing them with practical help and solutions for their children’s education. Patouch offers support in the office or directly at home.

You can contact Patouch on 0800 800 140 or by e-mail info@patouch.ch to take advantage of this service.

Talking to children about topics related to prevention (managing emotions, defining boundaries, types of violence, the importance of speaking up, one’s own violence, intimacy, etc.) is never easy. Patouch provides interested individuals with educational, didactic, and scientific materials.

Our free and anonymous helpline provides empathetic and professional listening, catering to both youth and adults.

This service offers concrete and prompt responses.

Adolescents are very (perhaps too?) present in the virtual world. In order to reach out to them and raise awareness, we must engage with them there, without neglecting the real world. Regular and adapted communication will be established. Our concern for a reasoned and thoughtful use of social networks will also support our preventive message.

Public establishments commit to providing assistance, support, and security to anyone who requests it.

Discover our other projects such as the “Operation Collerettes” or our open courses.