Discover our helpline at
0800 800 140

Our free and anonymous helpline offers empathetic and professional listening, catering to both youth and adults.

This service provides concrete and prompt responses.

In 2023, we answered 111 calls, providing concrete assistance and empathetic listening to individuals seeking solutions in specific situations of violence. These individuals had often contacted other organizations without receiving satisfactory help or answers.

Some situations justified reporting to child protection authorities or the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Several individuals wished to report violence and abuse against children anonymously. Patouch committed to ensuring anonymity, in the best interest of the child.

A few situations required direct assistance related to parenting. We visited the homes of several families or received them in our offices for practical advice.

Our mediation work led to resolution in several situations that were at an impasse and couldn’t find a satisfactory outcome.

This free service is highly appreciated and experiencing strong growth.

"It's a relief to have been able to talk to you."
"Thank you for your availability. No one was answering, and you were there!"
"Thank you for listening. It has changed my life."