Discover our parenting support

Becoming a parent is extraordinary, but the challenges imposed by society make this role increasingly difficult. Preventing violence against children also involves this channel!

Numerous studies attest to it: violence against children can be prevented through several approaches. A facet still underrepresented is the provision of concrete assistance in parenting. That’s why we also want to take care of parents and help them establish quality parenting; this is to protect children.

We now offer a welcoming space where you can express your questions, fears, and doubts related to parenting. We provide listening, advice, and concrete assistance (educational support).

We offer support to parents to help their children, provide them with assistance, and offer concrete solutions for parenting. Patouch offers support in-office or directly at home.

You can contact Patouch at 0800 800 140 or by email at info@patouch.ch to benefit from this service.

"Thank you for your support and listening ear, I felt supported and heard."