Members of the Patouch Zone receive a charter that attests to their concrete commitment against violence.

By signing it, you commit to offering assistance to people in distress. Indeed, you can become a refuge accessible to anyone feeling unsafe. A child or adult in distress should be able to quickly find help.

By displaying the dedicated sticker on your storefront or mailbox, your business becomes a place of trust. Thanks to you, the sense of security is strengthened, and you fight against potential aggression. Convinced? Join us!

Businesses, restaurants, shops, and other public places that wish to join the network supporting children and all individuals in need of help commit to informing their staff about the 4 points of the charter: not tolerating any act of violence, expressing disagreement in case of problematic situations, helping the vulnerable person, and ensuring they leave the area safely. A refuge zone is recognizable by the presence of a sticker at the entrance, with our hedgehog in blue and purple.

Members of the Patouch Zone also support the association financially. This assistance helps us develop new projects related to prevention.

Together, we build a better world!

The Carafe Operation

Members of the Patouch Zone can also financially support the association through the Carafe Operation.

What is the Carafe Operation?

The association provides water carafes adorned with its logo and a QR code. When customers order a water carafe, the amount is fully donated to Patouch.

This operation is primarily aimed at restaurants and bars.

Temporary Patouch Zone

The concept of a temporary zone was born following numerous testimonies attesting to situations of violence within events. By applying the functioning of the Patouch Zone to an event, it would be possible to avoid these situations.

Becoming a member of the Patouch Zone

Would you like to actively commit against all forms of violence by becoming a member of the Patouch Zone? You can fill out the form below.

For further information, please contact us at info@patouch.ch or at 079 661 55 83.